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How to find a good hybrid or electric car mechanic

Do you have a trustworthy, qualified car mechanic who will ensure your hybrid or electric car is running to its full potential? There is a reason mechanics often get a bad reputation for up-selling and general dishonesty- consider these keys to finding a great hybrid or electric car mechanic.

1. Be Proactive

Don't wait for a breakdown! Shop around while your car is still running without any problems. If you wait for your car to break down, you could end up getting stuck with a mechanic you who will take advantage of your bad situation.

2. Look over reviews on Yelp and Google

Reviews can be a great starting point to help determine if a mechanic is reputable. Stay away from any business that has bad reviews or no reviews at all!

3. Don't choose a mechanic based on price alone

Often times you will get what you pay for. Hybrid and electric car mechanics with higher levels of expertise generally charge a higher hourly rate for labor. Get a feel of how the mechanic treats customers and avoid any places that give off an aggressive vibe.

4. Ask questions

This is a great way to gauge the experience and professionalism of a potential mechanic.

5. Develop a relationship with your mechanic

Let your EV mechanic know that you're looking to develop a long term relationship once you find the right auto shop. Express how you value their time and are willing to pay a fair price, but also that you aren't willing to get taken advantage of. Sometimes the key to getting a good price is building rapport with your mechanic

6. Get a second opinion

It's always a good idea to get a second opinion for any expensive maintenance or part replacements.


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