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Common electric vehicle repairs

Like mechanical vehicles, electric vehicles (EVs) require some maintenance. However, EVs generally require less maintenance than gas-only vehicles because there are typically fewer fluids and fewer moving parts. Unlike mechanical vehicles, EVs don’t require an oil change.

Here are a few common electric vehicle repairs and and general tips for electric vehicle maintenance.


Replacing the battery is the most common repair needed for electrical vehicles. However, if you do need to repair any of the electrical components, you will need to visit an auto repair shop with specialized mechanics.


Electric vehicle brakes typically last much longer than those on gas-only vehicles, and they usually do not need to be replaced or repaired as often. The reason is that electric vehicles use regenerative braking, which converts the kinetic energy from the motion of the vehicle into mechanical energy to slow it down. Regenerative braking puts less friction on the brakes, which gives them a significantly longer life span.In some hybrid and electric vehicles, regenerative braking is also used to recharge the battery as you drive; this adds more life to the battery and reduces the risk of failure. Substantially, the brakes are designed to provide protection for your vehicle.


Stick to tires that are designed for electric cars for durability and endurance. There are many different tires on the market specifically designed for electric vehicles so finding good tires are a must have.


Although there are far less fluids to check in an electric vehicle, there are still some fluids that are essential to EVs. Make sure to top off coolant levels and check brake fluid regularly to maintain electric cars' life span.

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